Importance of Women Empowerment in Societies

Women empowerment being the focal point of discussion of late keeps getting the masses upset due to lack of insight and understanding. Now, to clearly understand what women empowerment stands for, let me briefly address the nature of a woman and what empowerment depicts too. She needs empowerment due to the society’s beliefs and perceptions about her.

The society sees the woman as weak and fragile therefore cannot partake in certain activities and roles in the world. Perception dangerously kills the talents and dreams of many people because your perception about a person determines how you relate with him/her. In view of this, as the society undoubtedly sees women as weak and fragile, they treat them as such creating gender inequality in various sectors thus social, economic, political, health fraternities.

Most women are either rejected or looked down upon in their pursuit of education and career in the society. My unquestionable questions are “how many women are in the medical field? Who came up with¬†exercise activities for older adults?¬† How many women are in the law field? How many women are in the army? How many women are in parliament? Discrimination has killed the desires of many capable, willing and ambitious women to occupy such faculties.


Through educational empowerment, women become more useful in the country as they seek to engage in productive services such as entrepreneurship, managerial roles thereby contributing their quota to the payment of tax, generating revenue for the government to provide basic infrastructure for its citizens such as water, electricity, good roads to mention but few.

As women magnificently occupy higher positions in politics, health, education, they offer their voices in speaking and fighting against corruption, providing necessary equipment needed for various health and educational sectors, thereby boosting the economy and making a standard of living better as their motherly instincts always pave way for the right things to be done.

Women empowerment reduces government burdens of providing employment for the masses as these women create businesses, employ as many as they can thereby reducing unemployment in the country. Also, it halfway curbs issues of street children, teenage pregnancies, child labor as these women become capable of providing all their children pertinent needs and instilling the right values of discipline and growth. This eases the government burden in allocating funds to solve such social issues.


Women have the flare of sparking the flame of excitement and love wherever they are found. Women empowerment will open doors of cross- country socialization as these empowered women with their education, knowledge and sociable personality will attract other countries. It will also create a friendly atmosphere for all visitors who occasionally visit the country as these empowered women can fluently interact with them and make their stay a memorable one.

It will also send an unquestionable report about our country to the world that Ghana is a hospitable African country with sociable, dignified women. This can create doors of marriage for many women. An educated woman passes on her integrity to her children raising literates who also impact the same discipline to their offspring thereby creating generational social thinkers.

Women empowerment is a positive force that will powerfully produce success and excellence among women and the ultimate key to social and economic growth as it outwardly creates a country of massive development and highly educated, dignified citizens.

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